Am I the only one who's wondering 'where the heck did Summer go?'  I mean, weren't we just celebrating the BEGINNING w school-out specials and plans, farmers markets, vacations, and bucket-list things to cross off that we can't get to during the other 9 months of the year?!

My summer has been a whirlwind of catering and demos and catering and ....well you get my drift.  'Time flies when you're having fun' and I have had a great time doing what I love doing most--feeding people.  My events ranged in scope and type--no two events ever have the same menu so that means LOTS of menu planning.  Threw in a festival or two to connect with even more souls and well, here we are, BACK TO SCHOOL ads, Halloween costumes ALREADY in stores! and last minute pushes to get those vacations in before we settle into Fall and (gulp)---THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! YOWZA!!!!

Hope you all had a great summer full of luscious bounty from your garden or the farmer's markets! I believe in supporting local as much as possible and have perused ours with awe at the GORGEOUS produce available and thanking our farmers for providing us with such healthy abundance.  Hard work for sure and they are some of our unsung heroes---toiling away daily to connect and feed our souls with the fruits from their labor.  We are VERY fortunate to live where we live for SO many reasons!!!

So as we move into nature's next 'quarter', I'll continue to cook (2 weddings and 3 special events in my future!), you continue to eat well, and keep me in mind if you have catering needs for the (gulp!) HOLIDAYS!!!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood