Was in Ashland recently demo-ing the product line in the Market of Choice store there.  Had the best time meeting their customer base---enthusiastic tasters who spared no candor in sharing their opinion about the line and any other subject brought up.  Love that!!  Thank goodness the feedback was good!!  One customer couple who instantly became fans (you know who you are Marlene & Larry) had me rolling about their attempts in the kitchen!  They LOVED the PDS line and kept 'recruiting' passerbys to stop and taste....Love that!! Love it when a dialogue breaks out among total strangers about a universal, shared experience--EATING REALLY GOOD FOOD!! I'm stoked to get around to the other M of C locations to meet their customer bases and create the same sort of synergy....I'll keep you posted when I'm coming to the one near you so we can nosh together....until then, HAPPY FALL !!!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood