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Robin has been cooking for over thirty years, both commercially and privately, and worked the front/back-of-the-house of many restaurants.  Ultimately she decided that she wanted to go into the catering business and make a name for herself.  Thus she created, Alma Catering, an expression of her vision and passion for cooking and knack of bringing diverse people together over good food and stimulating conversation.  ‘Alma,’ which means ‘soul’ in Spanish, is the essence of the menus she creates and the impeccable service her company provides.

Robin comes from a long line of phenomenal cooks. When she was younger, her mother cooked and entertained a great deal and Robin would act as her ‘sous chef’. As she grew older, her passion for cooking grew as well. Robin loves to cook, especially for people who truly love to eat.  She believes that cooking is about more than just feeding an empty stomach. Cooking is a multi-level experience that impacts the diner on as many levels- ‘food for the body and soul’.

Robin Brown-Wood, Alma Foods & Catering

Flavors, textures, and colors are the signature of Robin’s cooking and of course copious amounts of love and soul as well. She believes that quality ingredients make a quality product, so she uses the best local, sustainable, seasonal ingredients available - sourcing from farmers and wholesale vendors around.  While she doesn’t have a favorite dish, she loves to make anything appetizer-sized (tapas-style) because there’s opportunity for a wide range of flavors and experiences.

The idea for her flagship products (three versatile dry versions of pastes/dips/salsas) grew as she experimented with fusing flavors.   A year of taste-testing told her she had something special and she decided that she needed to share these products with other busy cooks.  The rubs are easy to use, both dried and prepared, and are made using all natural ingredients.  She’s sure that using these products will allow you to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less and make you a ‘rock star’ in the kitchen!


Robin with her new eco-friendly packaging for her rubs. Look for them on the shelves of your local grocer. Be sure to ask if you don't see them.