I ain't gonna lie; I have been MIA for waaay too long from this part of my site!  Spring brought rain and yard work--and lots of weeds!  Now I can hire someone to do that stuff (and in fact did) but I like putzing in the yard too.  Just don't have as much time as I used to (which is a good thing since it means I'm making money!). I'm FINALLY at a point where I can turn over some of the task to a landscaper/gardener and I am really pleased with how things are shaping up!  I have to be surrounded by beauty and serenity.  Hoping your efforts in your space are producing similar results, if that's your goal.  There's some food growing out there too but not as much as in the past.  It's rewarding but a lot of work; going to support more local farmers instead.  That's a win/win for everyone.

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood