Here's another 'necessity breeds invention' dish--Meatball Tostada.  It's Friday night, it's been a WICKED week, and all you want to do is NOT have to think---about what to eat, what to cook, what to wear, etc....Scan contents of fridge and freezer, grab a cocktail and come up with some creation from what you have on hand.  That's how my Meatball Tostada was born.  You know what kills me?  I spend HOURS! DAYS! sometimes creating menus that turn out great but take a LOT of work.  Ten minutes and 2 beers later, I have a meal that not only was easy to prep but damn it was tasty!  Spicy meatballs on a crisp base with a creamy sauce and goat/provolone cheese.  Booya!!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood