Who doesn't want more adventure in their life? We live in a destination state---people actually save up their hard-earned dollars to come and vacation right here in our backyard!  There's a well-kept secret in town that will keep you busy for many months by supplying you with info on things to do, state-wide:  the Eugene Cascades & Coast Adventure Center.  They're really tucked away in the corner out in Springfield in the same parking lot as Best Buy, 2 doors down from Michael's Craft Store.  They've got maps, books, info about local events and businesses, and amazing Oregon-made products (including our 'PDS' line) for tourists and locals to indulge or give as gifts to others in other parts of the country! There are future events coming like wine/beer tastings, food sampling, fun games to win prizes....Check them out and get out and take big bites out of this mecca we live in!  Live fully!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood