I thought it'd been much longer since I'd posted anything here but I guess I'm not doing too bad after all !!

I'll let you in on a secret; unless you've already figured it out....I HATE Social Media!! I hate the 'requirments' and the 'me-too' mentality and a LOT of people wanting their '5 seconds of fame'.

I grew up painfully shy, always had my nose in a book, and didn't really 'blossom' till YEARS later. When the social media phenomenon came about I just ignored it; didn't want ANY part of it.  I value my privacy so much and was never one to 'put my business in the street'. I'm the same way with other's privacy---whether or not they adhere to the same policy.  When I started my business, my Social Media Team had to DRAG me kickin' and screamin' into this century in order to promote myself.  I resisted every attempt and turned over the reigns to them initially to 'just take care of it'.  But I realized that 'them' talking about what I'm up to is not the same as 'me' talking about it so I 'dipped' my toe into the arena and then a 'leg' and then a bit more. But I'm STILL not liking it so I say all of this to let you know why my posts have a 'larger than expected Gap time'....no offense to y'all but I've never been one to just chatter unless I have something of substance to say (some might think I STILL don't LOL) so I'm here to touch base periodically but just know that when I'm NOT, I'm in front of a cutting board or stove or a grocery isle somewhere doing demos....

Now, having said all of that, let me tell you about a catering gig I just finished, feeding the Women's U20 National Soccer Team from Mexico. Seven days--13 meals and a whole lot of cultural exchange.  I got to practice my Spanish, they practiced English; I fed them Southern dishes; they taught me about cultural foods they like i.e. ANTS which are eaten all over in food carts and grocery stores and some restaurants.  I'm going to try some of the dishes they suggested cause I'm game for just about anything once! When it was all done, the Team Doctor told me it was THE BEST FOOD THEY'D EVER EATEN IN THE USA because it was fresh, flavorful, free of preservatives, gourmet and perfect for their athletes performances. the team presented me w a Team Jersey and we took a Team pic. How's THAT for a Fusion Cuisine Catering Company?!! They go to China and France from here---I offered to be their 'Personal Team Chef'.....a girl can try can't she?? LOL

MY Team w THEIR TEAM....(where's Robin?) lol

MY Team w THEIR TEAM....(where's Robin?) lol

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood