I had the pleasure of doing a Demo at the Market of Choice on Belmont in PDX last week which excited me for a variety of reasons! (1), it was a chance to catch up w a lot of other AMAZING vendors in the area; (2), the event was a Customer Appreciation/First Responder Fundraiser which means I got a chance to form new relationships and catch up w existing customers AND raise money for people I highly Respect!; (3), my table was positioned RIGHT in front of one of my FAVORITE Cooking gadgets line, JOSEPH JOSEPH!  If you've never heard of them, seen them or used one of their kitchen tools, check them out.  I actually have a ALMA FOODS PDS YOU TUBE on their Lemon Reamer which I LOOOOVE!! (no, I'm not a paid endorser----yet lol) Their stuff is colorful, fun, but most importantly, FUNCTIONAL!!!  Thanks to Market of Choice for pulling this event together and for giving back to the community!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood