I've spent the last 3 days up to my elbows in tails, tongues, and butts...no I haven't ventured to the 'dark' side (not till the weekend :-) )...No, I've been prepping for the one of the biggest fundraisers for Food for Lane County, our local foodbank.  I am serving up some interesting fusion savory cuisine that involves lengua (tongue), oxtail, and pork butt....I'm also serving a Southern favorite in my house growing up--Sweet Potato Cobbler; I'm adding a Lavendar Caramel Sauce drizzle which should take it right over the edge.  There will be 5 floors of food and booze--all you can eat and ALL of the proceeds go to eradicating hunger in Lane County. No one gets paid, all volunteer efforts so if you didn't get your ticket, there might still be time. Yesterday I heard they were down to 50 left.  I know for a fact that this event sells out just about every year! Fun, fun, fun and you best come hungry! Hult Center, 6pm-9pm....Happy noshing!

Stay tuned for after action pics......

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood