I promised you pics from Food for Lane County's biggest public fundraiser, Chef's Nite Out. What a phenomenal experience to actually serve so many people and know that the money being raised is going to feed the many less fortunate than those in attendance.  My Lengua/Oxtail Bites w Sweet Potato Coleslaw and Smokey Pork Bites w Sweet Potato Coleslaw were a hit!  The coup-de-grace for me though was the Sweet Potato Cobbler w Lavender Caramel Sauce--it got an Honorable Mention in the Dessert category!  I had decided, at the last minute, to serve it so fortuitous that it was soooo well received.  I loved the way many people sniffed the cup before tasting it---the smell of cinnamon and sugar takes one back to their childhood instantly.  My mother's recipe---I watched her make it every holiday season growing up and she would be over-the-moon thrilled that it got such rave reviews. THANK YOU to all who deemed it worthy of a vote!  I love feeding people---got it honestly from her and my older sister. Life is good.....

My killer staff!  They rocked at this event--couldn't have done it without them!

Table set-up..

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood