Serves 4-6


Sort and wash 1# dried black-eye peas; cook using the overnite soak method or the quick-soak method. Do not use any extra flavoring. Drain, and set aside in a bowl.

Dice 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1/2 small red onion, 1 carrot. Chop 1 bunch fresh cilantro.

Add to beans in bowl.

Prepare 1 package ALMA FOODS Portuguese Red Pepper dry rub according to directions on package. Add, to taste, to your favorite mayonnaise or scratch-made aoili.

Add the dressing, to taste, to the beans and vegetables stirring well to mix. Refrigerate for an hour, or longer, stir again and serve. Best at room temperature.

Note: for a vegan version, add the prepared paste directly to the bean and vegetable mixture, to taste.

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood