You'll have to visualize these recipes but know that they look as great as they taste!

Mix our PORTUGUESE SMOKED PEPPER as a paste or right out of the package with 8oz of cream cheese to taste.  Spread on crackers or crostini, stuff celery sticks and top with a cooked shrimps and a sprig of cilantro or parsley.  Couldn't be any quicker for last minute company or for your own party!

This 'recipe' came from Sofia who thinks way outside of the box in the kitchen but it works! Take our PORTUGUESE SMOKED PEPPER as a paste and spread on a peanut butter sandwich; cut into finger sizes for an appetizer tray or just wolf it down if it's for you.  Unbelievable!  Sweet, salty, heat....Yummmmmmmmmmm! THANKS SOFIA!!

I like to serve the MEYER LEMON/OLIVE paste on top of a crostini spread with fig jam and goat cheese; garnish with minced lemon peel and sprig of dill.  Pleeeease!!

Let's not forget the LEMONGRASS; mix the paste with an avocado to taste and use to top our Black Eye Pea Salad (recipe's on the 1/2 page flyer you get when you buy) which is served on mini cornbread squares.  Yummy to taste; gorgeous to look at!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood