Wish I could take the credit for this but it goes to #Sunset magazine, Nov issue.  Tested this recipe and it was off-the-chart amazing!  You need a mandoline or very steady hands (opt for the mandoline—it will go much faster!) Next time, I will shoot before I eat (hopefully).

Thinly slice 2#’s of brussels sprouts and 1/2 c. red onion; place in a bowl and add 4 tangerines, peeled and segmented.

Shake 1/2c. evoo, 1/3c. lemon juice, and 1/4c +2TBSP of grated pecorino romano in a tight lidded jar.  Pour over bowl contents; stir gently; s/p to taste. 

Note: I didn’t have or want tangerines so I added some toasted pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries instead.  Outrageous! 

Dare you not to lick the bowl when it’s empty! OMG….


AuthorRobin Brown-Wood