You know I was minding my own business and a woman I met asked to interview me for the local paper.  Sure, who turns down publicity, free or otherwise when you have a business? Well goshdarnit, the dam burst wide open and my phone and social media have been blowing up!!Can I be honest?  I'd been sooo busy with catering and taxes that everyone saw the article but ME!!

I FINALLY sat down to read it last nite.  Goodness, the picture was HUGE!!! I imagined some little 2 x 3 pic with a couple of paragraphs.  Scared the hell outta me seeing my mug THAT big!! Both, the journalist and photographer, seemed to capture the essence of 'me'.  Everyone else seemed to think so too! Guess THAT many people can't be wrong! 

I'm grateful for the continued support of those I know and new connections I'm making.  "Success" and "rich" are relative and very subjective terms.  I know I could say they both apply to me right now; you define them your way.  THANK YOU to the many who continue 'to pull for me' and to those who will become a part of that group. 

When people learn what I do, the first thing they usually say is 'that's a LOT of work!' My reply always has been and still is, "it's not work to me; I LOVE what I do!"  As long as I feel that way I'll keep doing it; when it stops, I'll move on to something else.  Oh yea, because the other platitude I grew up hearing is 'don't ever put all of your eggs in one basket'.  Words of wisdom that I'm paying attention to.

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood