There are times, when you have the kind of pristine weather we had this past weekend, that you don't want to do ANYTHING indoors; ANY excuse to be out even if it's 'yard work'.  I did do a bit of that but mainly, I just reveled in the fact that life couldn't be better---I have my health, a roof over my head, food in my pantry, friends and familly who love me and this amazing gift of LIFE!! Plus, a husband who is as grateful for the same things I am so right now--IT'S ALL GOOD!

I have to tell you about the BEST Kale Salad in Eugene---in my humble opinion.  The Cannery on E11th is my 'go to' when I have a hankering for a Kale Salad, which is often, when I can't think of what I want to eat.  They hand rub each and every leaf of kale w avoacado and evoo and the toasted croutons are house made and the right amount of crunch and seasoning.  I always add some protein like grilled chicken but this time I added blackened snapper. HURT ME!!!! I had to go to the ktichen and tell the chef how much I appreciated him 'giving me my fix' and that he is NEVER to remove that salad from the menu!!  He laughed and assured me that would not happen and thought it was strange how people in the PNW eat so much kale/avocado and in CA, where he cooked, he never saw either item on menus down there! Go figure!  RUN to The Cannery and don't even look at the menu---ORDER THE KALE SALAD!! Food for the body--and soul.....

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood