I am on a mission to 'save the leaves of celery'.  Recently, at a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner, she was prepping celery and the next thing I knew, she tosses these gorgeous celery leaves in the trash!  "Stop (I say to myself); should I say something?" Well because it goes against EVERY fiber of my being to waste ANYTHING, within reason, I gave her a mini education about the FLAVOR in celery leaves and how it's a sin to waste them.  She was a good friend and took the 'lesson' well but I was soooo tempted to retrieve them from the trash to 'save' them but I didn't...they were already part of the 'landfill' trash so we moved on.  My message to you, if you cook, want to cook, can't cook a lick---USE THE CELERY LEAVES! There's FLAVOR in those leaves and at the very least, FREEZE them to use for stock later!!! Yikes, there really are starving people who would've 'dumpster-dove' for those leaves!!!!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood