Took some time recently to visit the 'other' Portland; East coast that is.  Actually I tooled around all over New England which is not the first time for me.  It's just been a long time since I'd been there.  I still love the accent, the diversity, and of course the food.  You can NOT go to that area and NOT have at least ONE lobster roll !! (see pic) Check that one off my list (twice).  Or not have a Modern Pastry cannoli---lines not as bad here as at their rival down the street--Mike's Pastry; lines out the door and down the block! Was it worth it? It was pretty damned good but this bakery had many equally decadent and gorgeous desserts.  I actually ordered their uber large 'white chocolate peanut butter cup'.  Yowza!! Decadent and sugar overload!  Next time I'll try Mike's, if I can get in, but there are only a few things I'll wait in that kind of line for!

Buck's Naked BBQ was a real tasty find---new since I'd been to Maine.  Good food, plenty of it, sauces of your choice and a lot of the food I grew up on---greens, okra, brussel sprouts, sweet potato pie, etc.  Somebody in that kitchen was 'puttin' their foot in that food!'  Worth a repeat trip.

Visited LOTS of historical sites and had fun playing 'tongue-in-cheek' with the ALMA FOODS products.

Great time seeing old friends and family and THAT was the best part of it all.  While I LOVE puttin' on the feedbag, reconnecting with special people is priceless!! Get out and see other areas, other cultures; life is about 'living'.

Classic New England Lobster Roll

Classic New England Lobster Roll

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood