When doing demos around the state, I always ask people to send me their creative ideas for using our product line so we can share with the rest of y'all.  You send, I test, I post, and you receive a complimentary sample of one of our flavors.  Thanks to Lisa for submitting her idea for the Meyer Lemon PDS---she sprinkles the DRY mix right out of the package over hot cooked pasta and prawns in a BIG bowl with some EVOO.  Toss and serve with a salad and voila, dinner! How easy is that?! She broke my record for getting dinner on the table!  Another client, Sue, uses the Lemongrass PDS as a filling for chicken breasts by mixing the dry rub with some ricotta cheese, stuffing the breasts and cooks them in a 350degree oven till done.  Serve with your favorite sides, rice and roasted veggies.  Wow! Another record dinner on the table and such 'fusion soul!' David sent me his recipe for baked beans. He added our Portuguese Smoked Pepper  right out of the packet along with his other ingredients to his beans, baked for an hour and OMG, the flavors!  Rich and smokey and yummylicious! Thanks to all of you and the rest of my 'Rockstar Cooks' out there. Holiday wishes and send me your dishes! 

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood