I've come to REALLY appreciate my cast-iron skillets for the textue and flavors they help infuse into food.  Nothing beats a sear into a HOT cast-iron to get that juicy, crispy crust we all drool over!  I had a whole chicken in my freezer (trying to make some space) so I cut it down into parts, made a marinade using our Portuguese Smoked Paprika Paste, garlic, ginger, Yellow Miso, bit of Dijon, and some EVOO.  Smeared that all over the chicken, let it marinate overnite and the next nite placed into my cast-iron, which I'd preheated in a 400 degree oven, and let the skillet do it's magic.  About 45 minutes later I got succulent, crispy, FLAVORFUL chicken that lingered on my tongue LOOONG after dinner.  I LOVE when I have a REALLY good meal---no matter who cooks it!  Come on, tell me how YOU cook your bird?

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood