I know this is a 'recipe' page and I love sharing them but most of the time, I work from experience and not an actual recipe so if you're a cook who needs accurate measurements, I apologize.  This recipe comes from my love of all things greens....and crispy....and spicy...and bite-size.

Take @1# collards, strip the big vein, chop into smaller pieces, saute in a pan with water till done. Remove from heat, add cheeses of choice, cayenne pepper/paprika/salt & pepper and mix well. Put 1 tsp of cooled mixture in middle of wonton wrapper, moisten edges w water and fold into a triangle and then bring two moistened points together to make a 'crown'.  Bake at 350 degrees on oiled sheet (or you can fry them if you like)...serve w some kind of dipping sauce of your liking.  I served these with a Sriracha Aoili--make your own aoili or use a really good mayo; add some finely chopped garlic and sriracha to taste.  Fabulous mix of flavors, textures and fusion eating!

AuthorRobin Brown-Wood