Alma which means ‘soul’ in Spanish, is the essence of the dishes she creates and the impeccable service her company provides.
Soil to Soul.png
The greatest passion for me when cooking is not just the act of creating good food, but turning people on to the familiar presented in an unfamiliar way; ALL their senses having been aroused and their horizons expanded. No words need be spoken; their body language tells the story. I know that it is not just their stomachs I’ve filled but, in some small way, their souls I have touched.
— Robin Brown-Wood, Owner

Portuguese Red Pepper/ Smokey Paprika

Delight in layers of flavors as diverse as the country itself.  Intense, smoky, colorful with a mild balance of heat to sweet.   No meat is safe with this rub around, but as a paste, dip or salsa, your options are simply endless.

Meyer Lemon

Bring Italy to your table with this bright and flavorful rub.  The elements of sweet, salty, and briny will enhance all of your seafood dishes.  This rub also makes an unusually fresh and unexpected topping for grilled or raw veggies.


Classic lemongrass is found on many tables in Asia & Thailand.  Tangy like a lemon with a taste of scallion undertones, this rub will infuse your dishes with zest & aroma.  Or, wow your guests with amazing dip for your favorite tortilla chips.